YouTube From Scratch: How to Build and Grow Your Channel by Olivia Biermann

YouTube From Scratch: How to Build and Grow Your Channel

Are you finally ready to create the YouTube channel of your dreams?

My YouTube channel has allowed me to run my own business, write a cookbook, travel and work with amazing brands like Almond Breeze and Vitamix, not to mention earn a 6-figure income from my house. After years of experience creating and running my channel, I am finally sharing what I have learned to help you do it too.

Is this course for you?

  • You want to create a channel but need the information, equipment and general help to get it going. Maybe you have an idea but don’t know where to start. Maybe you don't even have an idea yet but know deep down you want to do this.

  • You want to know my personal approach to YouTube success. How I finally overcame the fear of judgement. You want the help of someone who knows what the heck they are doing so you start on the right foot.

  • You already have a channel but aren’t really sure where to go from here. You want to know how to get subscribers and views, how to create content people will want to watch and how to turn this into a real thing!

Trust me, I know how you're feeling.

I have always loved YouTube. I wanted to have my own YouTube channel for a long time. But whenever I tried to start one, I always got stuck. 

  • What would I even make videos about? Who would watch them, because there's no way anyone is interested in what I have to say.
  • How does one even start a YouTube channel?! I don't know the first thing about cameras, filming, editing....
  • What if I made a channel and posted a video and everyone I know judged me?

But eventually, I got over it and uploaded my first video.  I didn't tell anyone, except my family. It took FOREVER to figure out how to use iMovie to edit the shortest most basic video. But I continued working at it, staying up late editing, researching how to make better videos and learning more about cameras and videography. It became my passion. I was addicted to learning as much as I could and applying the techniques to see what would happen.
In the summer of 2016 I had my first viral video. 100,000 views in just under a week. I was stunned! I couldn't even begin to fathom what was happening but overnight I went from 4000 subscribers to 11,000. Because I already had so much amazing content on my channel, people who found me through the viral video stayed and became loyal subscribers.

Now, my channel has over 40 MILLION views and 645,000 subscribers. My YouTube channel has allowed me to run my own business, write a cookbook, travel and work with amazing brands like Almond Breeze and Vitamix, not to mention earn a 6-figure income from my house. 

You may be wondering...

is this course really going to help me?  Why should I pay for you to tell me how to make a YouTube channel?

Well, I'll be honest with you. I’m not making you pay for information that already exists in Google Help forums, like how to actually set up your google account, navigate the dashboard, physically upload a video or manage comments. Why? Because you can learn all of this very easily through their documentation. I included all the links you need in this course to actually set up your channel in 10 minutes. That way, if they make changes to how YouTube works or looks, you'll have access to the most recent updated info. That's the easy part! That's obviously not what you need me for.

This course was created to share all the information and insight that I had to learn myself over the years through trial & error in my own videos, research, and testing SO MANY different styles, techniques, types of content etc. 

This course will teach you: 
  • more complicated things like gaining confidence to speak to a camera
  •  how to create eye-catching titles and thumbnails so people will click your video before others
  • how to plan good quality content
  •  how to film aesthetically pleasing and helpful videos
  • how to manage the workload
  • and so much more. 

These aren't things you can "just google" because this course gives you my expertise and advice on what does well, what people want to watch and what makes good content. These are the things that creators who have been around for years have learned through observation and trialling on their own videos. Through making mistakes, learning, and putting in hundreds and thousands of hours perfecting. 

This course provides you with the no-BS, real deal, practical tips and information that helped me get to where I am today. And now you have the ability to learn it right from your own home!

Who is Liv B?

The Liv B YouTube channel has over 300+ videos and 44 million views. Liv created her channel to share her vegan recipes with the world in hopes of showing people how delicious plant-based food can be. Her channel now gets between 500,000 and 1 million new views per month. Through her channel she was able to earn a 6-figure income from home, write a best-selling cookbook and work with world renowned brands.