Liv B Mobile Filters by Olivia Biermann

Liv B Mobile Filters

Edit like me- the easy way! With the Liv B Mobile Filters you can edit your photos the same way I do in just a few seconds! Filters are the best way for beginners to achieve a beautiful and consistent editing style without having to spend a ton of time learning complicated editing or photoshop programs. I use these filters to edit all my instagram and blog photos and I love that it gives each photo a similar look and feel.

These filters are intended to be used with the FREE Lightroom Mobile App.

What's included?

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Liv B Mobile Filters Catalogue.pdf
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Liv B Mobile Filters Instructions-3.pdf
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Liv B Fresh.dng
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Liv B Wild.dng
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Liv B Lifestyle.dng
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Liv B Savory.dng
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Liv B Sweet.dng
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Liv B Sunset.dng
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